Poem: At the Margins

Chris shares with us an original poem

Here’s a little poem that came to me in prayer the other day in the Adoration Room. I hope it speaks to you in this Lenten season. God bless! (:

At the Margins

where the destitute gather,
where the wounded suffer,
where loneliness looms
is where I am needed most.

where the hungry ache
and pangs of heartbreaks;
where the lost are forsaken
is where my body’s broken.

where the cynics scorn
and the hurt have grown forlorn;
where anger, lust and human pride
is where the Gospel should reside.

Yes, in the margins,
at the fringes,
the peripheries,
the boundaries
— will you be sent.
For what good is almsgiving,
fasting, and a comfortable
an example of selfless love
of a contradictory cross
sent from God above?

I am liminality.
I am contradictory.
I am Christ.

© 2018 Christ Centered Conversations/Christopher Chok

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